Saturday, January 31, 2015

Season of the Dragonflies by Sarah Creech

Season of the Dragonflies by Sarah Creech

Decades ago, a young woman escaped the impending arranged marriage and travels off with her true love. Serena Lenore discovered  a rare flower while living in the African Jungle. When it is time to return to America, she carries the flower, nestled in the curls of her hair, with her on the journey. The sweet scent of the flower seems to captivate everyone around them. Slowly, Serena begins to realize the unique power she now holds.

The real story begins in the present day, as a sister returns to the glorious backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains. After a failed marriage leaves her lonely and confused, Lucia is led home by the strange blue dragonflies flittering at her city window. She joins her mother and sister, who have been harvesting these flowers under the guise of a multi-million dollar perfume corporation.

Upon purchasing the scent (with a strict contract), clients experience immediate and lasting success. The Lenore women have always been careful when selecting clients; their perfume is the best-kept secret to many a success. The secret of these flowers is now in jeopardy. 

Now the impulsive daughter, desperate to gain control of the corporation, has made a grave error. Mya's attempts to fix her mistakes will only deepen rifts and cause irreparable damage.

The future of their corporation is now in jeopardy; the flowers are wilting, and something is wrong with the matriarch, Willow, of the empire. The women come together in an enchanting tale similar to the work Sarah Addison Allen. Their renewed connection is strong, but is it enough to combat the troubles they face?

Never a better setting for a mystical novel, traveling through the Blue Ridge Mountains, 2012

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